Agreeing on Common Ground

We've shared the land and the water for generations. The ranchers and farmers in the upper basin and the Klamath Tribes have plenty of common ground.

The Tribes need the water for fish habitat and for cultural and traditional activities. We recognize and support that need.

In turn, the upper basin irrigators need water for their fields during the crucial irrigation season (April through October). Without it, our ability to manage our ranches is in danger.

We have proven we can collaborate and share water even in lean years. The Tribes' water rights and the willingness of the upper basin landowners to retire 18,000 acres of irrigated land create a unique opportunity for further collaboration.

With the landowners' support, the Klamath Tribes can leverage those water rights to regain the incentives lost with the KBRA. Without an agreement, all the progress made with the KBRA and UKBCA is lost and the footing the Tribes currently has may slip away.

The common ground, once fertile with the formal recognition the agreements provided, will be barren.