wood river spring
Klamath Tribal Council Chairman Don Gentry signs UKBCA in 2014.

Finding Sustainable Water-Sharing Solutions

We're committed to finding a sustainable, mutually beneficial solution for water sharing in the Upper Klamath Basin. We seek a solution that allows ranchers and irrigators enough water and also provides the water the Tribes need for fish habitat.

Since 2014, when the UKBCA was negotiated and signed, the Upper Basin ranchers and irrigators worked in good faith to implement the agreement. We recognized it wasn't a perfect solution -- but no true compromise is. In the UKBCA, we committed to restoration of riparian areas and to retiring thousands of acres to improve water flows.

We also committed to getting the approval and funding through the KBRA, not just for the UKBCA, but for the incentives promised the Tribes. We took it to Congress along with other signees and lobbied for the votes. We were collectively unsuccessful; yet, we remained committed to the UKBCA and continued to work toward compliance.

The lack of funding and a difficultly moving forward on the details for both the Riparian Management Agreement (RMA) and the Water Use Agreement (WUA) for the the UKBCA has hindered our progress, but we have made progress. We continue to believe the best path forward is a negotiated agreement between the Upper Basin landowners and the Klamath Tribes.