Upper Klamath Basin Comprehensive Agreement

The UKBCA is the agreement of primary concern. It was a negotiated agreement to address issues in the upper basin that were not addressed in the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement (KBRA).

The UKBCA was designed to work with the KBRA, which included the funding sources, tribal benefits and Endangered Species Act (ESA) protection.

UKBCA was signed on April 18, 2014. Photos on the left are from the signing ceremony, which included: Secretary Sally Jewell, Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merckley, ranchers Roger Nicholson and Garrett Roseberry.

While the KBRA terminated December 2015, the UKBCA is still in effect.

Download the full PDF of the agreement here.

UKBCA News & Commentary:

  • Independent opinion on Upper Basin Agreement from Professor Charles Wilkinson, University of Colorado Law School. In it Professor Wilkinson states that the agreement, independent of the other Klamath agreements, is an excellent one for the Tribes.
  • News article on the Upper Basin Agreement signing ceremony